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Tricky Safari
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FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!Try to photograph the elephant, lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, monkey, squirrel, crocodile and turtle.Follow the animals to take good photos.But the animals don´t stand still, they move too!Can you predict where they will go?At your safari tour you want to photograph all animals.When it is your turn, you move 1 or more spaces in one direction (like the queen in chess).You can only move through open land, not through bush or water.After all players have their turn, each animal moves 1 step, to the land space in front of it.If you are in a space at a side or in front of an animal, you take a photo (so not from behind!).Winner is the first player who photographs all 10 animals.

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Martin, Andrew: The wicked Veresov Attack - A t...
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Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2014Medium: DVD-ROMTitel: The wicked Veresov Attack - A tricky Opening with 1.d4Titelzusatz: Fritztrainer - Interaktives Videoschachtraining mit FeedbackAutor: Martin, AndrewVerlag: Chess Base // Chess-BaseSprache: Englisch

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